Electronic and Industrial Projects

We design, engineer, manufacture, and assemble products uniquely tailored for our customer’s needs. One of our objectives is to give our customers an edge in their marketplace by using our comprehensive skills and over 30 years of experience to beat the competition to market with a compelling look and deliver true value to your bottom line.

Industrial - Case Study
A leading industrial chemical company retained us to redesign a decades old industrial floor scrubber to meet the needs of today's marketplace. Through intelligent design, strategic substitution of plastic, where possible, and extensive engineering to simplify the total product. We delivered a lighter modern product which fewer parts, easier to use and less expensive to produce. Again, turning a customers concept into reality.

Electronic - Case Study
Though not a PCB product house, we are an integrated design and engineering firm. From the conceptual product development to creating the prototypes and through low volume, mid volume manufacturing, whether for initial electrical design, mechanical product design or for re-design/engineering on your existing products, we have over 30 years of experience, high degree of responsiveness, and the facilities to manufacture and assemble everything we design-engineer.