Our design and engineering expertise makes us better manufacturers.

About Our Company

Apogee Design is a design, production and contract manufacturing firm with over 35 years of experience.

Our focus is in working with innovative companies to develop and manufacture enabling solutions for their products while also producing our own lines of Apogee Electrophoresis™ and HardGuard™ products.

In the late 70’s Apogee developed the S2®, a revolutionary DNA sequencer that became the world standard and is still found in labs around the globe today. Apogee is proud to manufacturer and sell a full line of quality electrophoresis apparatus and accessories under its Apogee Electrophoresis™ label.

Shortly after the introduction of our electrophoresis line, the Apogee design and engineering team embarked on the creation of an automotive surface protection solution for the automotive plants in Baltimore. HardGuard™ quickly became recognized as the leader in ISD (in system damage) protection.

Custom engineered to minimize costly scratches and dents to vehicle bodies that can occur during assembly, HardGuard™ is trusted by BMW, Honda, Tesla, Nissan and many other clients to save them millions of dollars in repair costs.

Apogee Designs is your collaborative design and manufacturing partner who stays constantly focused on ways to improve your products while cutting costs whenever possible.  Our design and engineering expertise makes us better manufacturers.  We know how to design it, engineer it, manufacture it; to specifications, on time and on budget.

Apogee Staff


It’s simple:

  • Our customers have profitable core technologies.
  • Without support products their customers can’t fully utilize the technology.
  • Apogee designs and produces solutions that support our customers core products.

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